1.0 Foundations

Before each section of the course, I'll overview the lessons to come and tell a little about the steps I took in my financial journey.

In This Section You Will...

  1. learn 8 key money management habits
  2. learn what a zero-based budget is
  3. prep what you need to create a zero-based budget

My Journey

I started getting my finances in order in January of 2017. Before this, I never spent so much money that I was completely broke, but I definitely wasted a lot of it. I spent too much on gifts, electronics, nights out, restaurants and my car (which I love, but it was an impulse buy that I justified as a necessity).

I was making $30k - $40k per year at my first real job out of college and my student loans we're going into repayment. So, I logged into my Mint.com account for the first time since 2011, deleted all of the old data and made a new budget.

Having a Mint budget was useful, but honestly it was just pretty to look at. I wasn't actually using the information. I didn't like having all of my banking data shared to a third party. And I hated having to constantly correct transactions synced from my bank accounts.

Even with a budget, from January through June, the only money I saved was the $60 from each check that was automatically dumped into my 401k. I figured that since my checking accounts weren't negative and my bills were paid, I was ok. Still, I always felt like I had no money.

In July, I erased my Mint account and made an Excel budget. Doing the accounting work myself showed me exactly where my money was going.

Having a budget does not fix money issues; discipline does.

This course is designed to help you build discipline and be more intentional with your money. The tools provided are meant to remove the stress that comes with that process. Basically, I crunched the numbers so that you don't have to. I'm sure this will help but keep the following in mind:

The biggest thing that impacted my journey...

was finding a new job and roughly doubling my earnings. No amount of budgeting will impact your savings & debt elimination journey more than earning more money. Hopefully, the course makes managing the money you have easier. That way you can give more attention to finding a way to earn more.

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