1.1 The 8 Money Management Habits

Lesson Objective: Learn and start practicing the eight habits to help you reach your financial goals


The Habits

1. Go Slow

It takes time to build good habits and weed out the bad ones. Save yourself some stress.

2. Commit to Discipline

If you fall out of routine, reset, recommit, and get right back to it!

3. Spend Less Than You Make

You have to know how much you make to know how much you can spend.

4. Pay Yourself First

After the essentials are taken care of, you should save before buying unnecessary items.

5. Autopay Everything

It's less work for you and you can avoid unnecessary fees. If you miss a payment, ask to get the fee waived.

6. Get Receipts for Everything

Keep records, your memory will fail you.

7. Small Things Add Up

Pay attention to low cost items that you buy frequently. Watch out for those auto renewal subscriptions.

8. Be Careful with Credit

If you don't have it, don't rush to apply for it. If you have it, stop using it. And if you can't control it, cut those cards up!